Training we provide

Unit No Title Level Credits
12484 Perform basic fire fighting 2 4
252250 Apply fire fighting techniques (Level 1) 1 3
8016 Maintaining occupational health, safety and general housekeeping 3 8
259619 Conduct workplace Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) inspections 2 3
119567 Perform basic life support and first aid procedures (Level 1) 1 5
376480 Provide first aid as an advanced first responder (Level 2) 3 8
376480 Provide first aid as an advanced first responder (Level 3) 3 8
376480 Provide first aid as an advanced first responder (Level 1,2,3) 3 8
120330 Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace 3 4
229998 Explain and perform fall arrest techniques when working at height 1 2
242972 Reach trucks F5,F8,F9,F13-F16 (Novice) 3 7
242972 Reach trucks F5,F8,F9,F13-F16 (Retrain) 3 7
242974 Counterbalanced Lift Trucks F1,F2,F3 (Novice) 3 7
242974 Counterbalanced Lift Trucks F1,F2,F3 (Retrain) 3 7
259617 Conduct an investigation into workplace safety, health and environmental incidents 2 3
120335 Conduct an investigation into workplace incidents 3 5
259620 Manoeuvre materials safely by hand in a workplace 2 2
115093 Control workplace hazardous substances 3 4
260837 Move and store a hazardous load 3 8
117898 Move, pack and maintain stock in a distribution centre/warehouse 2 12
242668 Demonstrate knowledge and application of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 (OHSA) (as amended) and the responsibilities of management in terms of the Act 4 4
12219 Select, use and care for power tools (Still awaiting TETA accreditation) 4 4
Terms & Conditions
Prices exclude accommodation, subsistence and travel cost. Where accommodation is booked for the instructor a reasonable accommodation cost will apply. Where training location is further than 30km from our offices an additional charge of R3.70 per km is charged. Certificates included in prices.
Full payment for training before commencement of training

PHCS & HC strives to decentralise training to the client’s premises (on-site training):The following training is available:
All OHS training as listed under training section
Introduction to Food Safety for Managers/Supervisors
Introduction to Food Safety for Food handlers
SHE on Food and Beverage premises


Each of the training courses have been designed to assist the food manufacturing/handling industry to ensure compliance to relevant legislation in this regard. All course material is adapted to suit the relevant industry and are all SETA and TETA accredited

Learner outcomes will be:

• Understand the requirements of OHS and Safe Food handling;
• Have a thorough understanding of OHS and Food Safety on Food premises and other Industries

Who should attend the training course?

All employees and management regarding Food Safety.
All safety representatives and others that plays a role in Food safety and or OHS

What is the benefits to your company?

• The company will be in possession of well trained personnel regarding Food Handling.
• All trained personnel will have a good knowledge of OHS on the premises


Company Responsibility: Venue and catering. Arrangements with staff members as well as travelling and accommodation costs.

Our responsibility: Training material, electronic equipment to be used for training.


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Services Overview

PHCS & HC provided services that are all aimed at compliance and certification as required by applicable legislation and where required, achieving international recognition. The services include Assessments, Assistance, Advise and supporting products as well as training in several fields.