Toilet Seat

The seat is manufadctured from EVA (ehtylene vinyl acetate) material and is injected into a mould that forms the exact size of the finished product. The seat is unique as it is unbreakable, exclusive comfort features, even temperature throughout the year, soft to sit on, child friendly because if the lid fall onto a childs hand, it cannot hurt the child. It is very easy to clean because of the gloss finish. There are no metal fittings so no rust reduces bacteria as the material is made up from a cross linked material that is non porous

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Shower Mat

This very durable product is made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material that is injected into a mould that forms the end product. The mat is soft to the underfoot and massages at the same time when one is showering as the surface has raised sections. The water runs through the holes in the mat that is non-slip. Due to the mat produced from EVA material it is non porous and indestructible.

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PHCS & HC provided services that are all aimed at compliance and certification as required by applicable legislation and where required, achieving international recognition. The services include Assessments, Assistance, Advise and supporting products as well as training in several fields.